Air Conditioners vs. Air Coolers – Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

The summer season is pretty strenuous since the sun drains out every single bit of our energy. But certainly, we don’t have any choice but to cope with the extreme weather conditions by utilizing the most uplifting products as well as leading a healthy lifestyle. It might give rise to heat strokes, dehydration, dryness, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, or cramps. To evade problems of such sort, we might be able to stock up our house with amazing food which might be able to keep our body cool, hydrated, or perhaps even help in dodging the sun to an extent.

Altogether, the thing which turns out to be tremendously critical is a great cradle of air or cool and comforting air to keep your body calm and unruffled whilst battling the summer. We might also say that a quality air cooling source might help in turning your life further comfortable throughout the arresting scorching summer days.

Thus, now the aspect that strikes our brains is ‘What to Choose Amongst Air Conditioner & Air Cooler?’

The reply to this question lies in your budget, requirements, and the environment. Let us discover the fundamental differences which are going to help you in comprehending the usage case of the air conditioners and air coolers.

Price or Cost: The air coolers are low-priced as compared to the Air conditioners

This is a pretty basic but a minor fact that a customer should distinguish. Generally, any basic air conditioner model costs anything around 25,000 INR and the price increases with the addition of more specifications and may move up to 50,000 INR. Whereas in case we have a look at the range of the price of air coolers, then the variance of cost surprises us since the air coolers range from 3,000 to 15,000 INR.

In addition to the cost of purchase, we moreover require looking at the eye-opening functioning charges. For example, in case you choose to buy an Air cooler in place of an Air conditioner, then the energy bill that you are going to end up paying might be solely 20% of what you might require paying for an Air conditioner.

Installation Charges: No setting up charges for the Air Cooler as compared to an Air Conditioner

One major factor that turns people particularly students to choose an Air cooler is the aspect that there isn’t any installation required before functioning. The point that an air cooler offers you with the convenience of movement and reprieve from the installation charges turns it into a choice above the air conditioners.

However, in case we deliberate the installation procedure of the AC, then the phases go interminably. Primarily you require chopping off the window bars where you desire to keep your Air Conditioner installed and cap the additional space. Afterward, if you are going for a Split Air Conditioner, then you require being prepared for drilling your wall.

Water Tank: The Air Coolers necessitate excessive refilling whilst the Air Conditioner doesn’t have any tank

The major con of choosing an Air cooler is the point that you require refilling the water tank numerous times. You might be thinking that you may be able to do it, how frantic it might be, and even further. But the fact being, during the initial days of the buying you certainly, are going to feel enthusiastic but after some time you will be tired of getting that thing done over and over again. In addition, in case you subsist in a region where water shortage is prominent, then you might get into some serious trouble.

However, an Air conditioner might not anticipate any sort of additional treating day after day. Everything that you require focusing on is to get the air conditioner examined two times in a year.


The air cooler works in a mode that swaps the warm air with the cool air using water. This is of course enormously environmentally friendly, and you might as well even say that it is organic. Although an Air conditioner cools down the air inside and turns the area about the compressor really hot.

Additionally, the older Air conditioners models have been occupied with CFLs for the purpose of cooling, which is, certainly, unsafe for our environment.

Humidity: The air coolers aren’t that charismatic in the muggy monsoon season

One among the nastiest things regarding an Air cooler is that they aren’t that operational throughout the humid days. This is owing to the working principle that turns them incompetent throughout extended humid days. The air cooler turns the air cool by infusing water into the air, and in case the weather is previously humid, then there isn’t any space for additional water in the air which used to be allocated by the cooler. In contrast, the air conditioners function effectually owing to their compressor expertise.

Air Delivery: Air coolers generate fresher air

The air cooler is supposed to flow the fresh air inside the room since it continually jerks the air and turns it cool. However, an AC is supposed to discharge stale air which is for the reason that it is cooling the same bunch of air repeatedly and delivering it.

Characteristics: Air Cooler vs. Air Conditioner

Going by the definition, the Air cooler makes use of water for cooling the air. The Air conditioner might function in both cold and hot settings. Its function is to alter the humidity level as well as the temperature of a space. They are moreover known as the desert cooler, wet air cooler, and evaporative cooler.


In the air cooler, the air gets pulled through the rear side of the machine and then assimilated with water, therefore, turning the air cool. The air conditioner turns the cooling probably owing to the refrigerant-packed coil. The hot air gets drawn in by the unit and then handled above the coils which clutch the excess humidity, i.e. warmth and changes it into the liquid state and afterward turns it cool and changes the liquid into the chilled air. Consequently, the hot air discharged in the form of gas and liquid, turning the rear-side of the Air conditioner really hot.

Energy Efficiency

An air cooler makes use of less energy in comparison to an air conditioner. Considering the air conditioners, they are pretty less energy-efficient than an air cooler and give rise to the elevated electricity bill.


A person requires ensuring to fill up the water tank on several occasions in a single day. In addition, the components of the air cooler are provided in the market at reasonable prices, and therefore the maintenance isn’t costly. The working parts of an AC might be effortlessly found on the market but are vented at a really high cost. Therefore, the maintenance costs are high.


The air cooler is considered to be sustainable since it doesn’t utilize any sort of additional applications to cool down the air but only water. An air conditioner is, unquestionably, less eco-friendly since it is filled with the chlorofluorocarbons.


The air cooler is really convenient whilst considering the aspect of portability. Air coolers weigh up as much as a common human being might be able to handle and moreover might be transported from one space to the other short of distressing about the installation rates. The moment you have got your AC fixed in its space, then the transportability is gone since you require undoing the overall fixing procedure and take the AC off. This might be tremendously hectic and moreover owing to its hefty weight ACs are really tough to transport.

Final Inference

As of now that you recognize the variances in between an air cooler and an AC, you are up-to-date to make a smarter choice according to your budget and the kind of cooling you require.

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